Signed copy: The Crackledawn Dragon
Signed copy: The Crackledawn Dragon
Abi Elphinstone

Signed copy: The Crackledawn Dragon

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A signed copy of The Crackledawn Dragon, the fourth book in the Unmapped Chronicles series from bestselling author Abi Elphinstone!

About the book:

Harpies are strong but stories are stronger.

Zebedee Bolt is on the run. Only this time it’s not the police who find him – it’s an evil harpy called Morg. And when she hauls him into Crackledawn, a magical kingdom on the brink of ruin, Zeb realises that running away only gets you so far.

Thrown into a voyage filled with silver whales, fire krakens and underwater palaces, Zeb soon discovers the fate of the Unmapped Kingdoms and his world rests on him, a girl called Oonie, and a talking chameleon.

When magic’s involved, you’ve got to pick a side. Can Zeb muster up enough trust in others – and in magic – to summon a dragon, find the Ember Scroll and defeat Morg once and for all?

Paperback, published 2021. Suitable for readers aged 7+.