Fringe by the Sea Pre-Order - Boy in a China Shop
Keith Brymer Jones

Fringe by the Sea Pre-Order - Boy in a China Shop

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Have a ticket for Keith Brymer Jones' event at Fringe by the Sea? You can now pre-order a copy of his book Boy in a China Shop: Life, Clay and Everything to collect when you attend!

Pre-order a copy of the book for collection from:

- our pop-up bookshop at the festival

- our stand at the author event, if you have a ticket for it

- or, if you would like to start reading in advance of the event, copies can also be collected from our bookshop in East Linton (open 11 am to 7 pm Thursday to Monday).

Please select 'local pick up' if you would like to collect your book in person, or alternatively please select a postal option and we'll ship your copy to you.

About the book:

Ballet dancer. Front man in an almost famous band. Judge on The Great Pottery Throwdown.

How did all that happen? By accident mostly. But I always say we make our own luck. What if an art teacher hadn't given me a lump of clay? What if the band had been really successful? What if I hadn't taken a photograph of a bowl to the buyer at Heals in London? What if she'd hated it? Or hadn't seen it...

What if I hadn't agreed to dress up as Adele to make a crazy YouTube video? Every chapter of my book is based around an object (usually a pot) that's been significant in my life. It's just a trigger to let me go off in a lot of different directions and tell a few stories. A lot of stories.

Dyslexia. The art teacher who changed my life. My Mother.

My Father. A life-changing job interview with a man who lay under his car throughout. That video.

Sifting through half-forgotten memories, trying to pick out the golden nuggets from the stuff that is definitely dross has been a curious, and at times hilarious, sometimes sad, but definitely enlightening process. So here it is - my pottery life with some very loud music and some pretty good dancing. And a lot of throwing, fettling and firing.

Oh ...and a good dose of anxiety.

Paperback, published 2023.