Club de lecture française - Millésime 54, 19th June, 8pm
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Club de lecture française - Millésime 54, 19th June, 8pm

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Join us for our next French language book club at Night Owl Books on Wednesday, 19th June, at 8pm.

We'll be meeting in a small group to discuss the novel Millésime by Antoine Laurain - en français!

Purchase a copy of the book for a free spot at the book club (while spaces last!), plus a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee to enjoy as we meet and chat about the book in French.

Select 'local collection' to pick up your copy from Night Owl. Alternatively please select a Royal Mail option, and I will ship a copy to you.

Quelques informations sur le livre:

Paris, un soir de septembre. Peu de choses relient Hubert, propriétaire de son appartement de famille, Magalie, restauratrice en porcelaine, Julien, barman débutant, et Bob, touriste américain de passage dans la capitale. Pourtant tous les quatre vont partager une bouteille de Château Saint-Antoine 1954 retrouvée dans la cave du vieil immeuble où ils habitent. Le lendemain matin, les rues ne sont plus tout à fait les mêmes. Un délicieux parfum d'autrefois flotte sur la ville. Et pour cause : ils sont de retour en 1954...

Softcover, 288 pages, published 2020.

- What level of French is the book suitable for?

I'd recommend the book for anyone with around A-Level experience of the French language. We'll try to stick to speaking in French throughout the book club where possible, but the aim of the group is to provide a supportive space in which to enjoy reading and practising speaking in French - and the question 'comment dit-on en français...' is very much welcome!

- Where will we be meeting?

The event will be held at Night Owl Books, 1 Bridge Street, East Linton, EH40 3AG.

We'd like to attend as a couple and share a copy of the book - is that possible?

Of course! Please let me know by writing a note when adding the book to your cart, and you can pick up one copy of the book from Night Owl and receive a credit of £10 to spend on another book of your choice.

A note on Covid precautions: if  feel unwell on the day, please take a lateral before attending as a courtesy to other attendees, if you can.