A brief introduction to fungi and how to forage without fear
A brief introduction to fungi and how to forage without fear
Neville Kilkenny

A brief introduction to fungi and how to forage without fear

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Join us at The Granary, Haddington, for a talk and book signing with mycologist Neville Kilkenny on Sunday, 26th May, at 5pm, part of Haddstock Festival 2024.

In this talk Neville Kilkenny will give us a brief introduction to fungi and how to forage without fear, and an exploration of the different types of mushrooms, toadstools and other fruiting structures formed by fungi and how to identify them.

The talk will be followed by an audience Q&A, and a book signing of the recently released publication The Mushroom Guide & Identifier: An expert manual for identifying, picking and using edible wild mushrooms found in the British Isles.

Purchase a copy of the book via this page for free entry to the event, while spaces last! 

We are grateful to the Lamp of Lothian Trust for hosting this event, and to Haddstock Festival for facilitating it.

About the book:

A clear introduction explains everything a mushroom picker needs to know, followed by a fully-illustrated A–Z guide of the most popular edible wild mushrooms that grow in the British Isles. It is crucial that the most expert advice is taken when hunting for mushrooms, and this authoritative new handbook offers clear, practical information for accurate identification.

For each mushroom, the identifying features and typical habitats are described, along with storage and cooking tips. In addition the book presents and describes the poisonous and potentially deceptive species which the mushroom picker is most likely to come across.

"Foraging connects one to the natural environment, the changing seasons. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than going to look for mushrooms. The time disappears, as your burdens and anxieties slowly give way to exploring familiar habitats: perhaps a damp mossy birchwood shrouding its chanterelle treasure in the dappled light; or a pristine unimproved grassland grazed low by sheep and rabbits to an olive billiard baize ornamented with bright waxcaps. Responsible foragers understand the natural world and care for it. They have a part to play in protecting our environment as well as our ancient foraging culture." Neville Kilkenny

Paperback, 160 pages, with 350 colour photographs, published February 2024.

Event details:

Venue: The Granary, 1-14 Newton Port, Haddington, EH41 3HZ

Event time: Sunday 26th May, 5 - 6 pm, followed by book signing

Doors: 4.55 pm. Please note that doors will close promptly at 5pm, and we're sorry, but latecomers will not be admitted.

Tickets: please note that you will not be sent a physical ticket for this event. We will have a guest list on the door with the names of attendees.

Copies of the book will be available for collection at the event. 

About Neville Kilkenny:

Neville Kelkenny is a consultant mycologist and fungal ecologist. 

Having studied mycology at The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh under the guidance of Prof. Roy Watling 17 years ago, he retains links as a Research Associate and continues to run workshops and forays for the Garden. 

Clients include The James Hutton Institute, NatureScot, Natural England, and RSPB. He is a member of the British Mycological Society, The Fungus Conservation Trust, and an honorary life member of The Danish Mycological Society. Working now as a freelance mycologist, focussed mainly on conservation and understanding the diversity and ecological needs of fungi, he is also a keen forager and enjoys sharing his passion for these incredible organisms and educating people regarding their role in our ecosystems and in our everyday lives.

COVID Precautions

As a courtesy to other attendees if you feel unwell on the day we would be grateful if you could take a lateral before attending, if you can.