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If you’ve visited Night Owl Books, you might have noticed that we’re a little bit bee-obsessed, and you’ll find plenty of gifts for bee lovers on our shelves! Read on to discover the bee-themed gifts you can purchase in store in our independent bookshop in East Lothian, which are all priced under £20.

First up is our Bee Revival Kits from Beevive (£10.95). These clever little keyrings contain a vial of bee rescue serum that’s perfect for perking up tired bees. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching a bee slowly recover and fly back to the hive after taking a sip, and carrying a keyring with you means that you’re always rescue-ready, whether you’re commuting or enjoying a country walk.

Bee revival kit from Beevive

The Bees, by Laline Paull

Gripping, thrilling, and informative, The Bees (£8.99) reads like a sci-fi novel, and offers a fascinating insight into the life of a beehive, as seen through the eyes of a single bee. Born into the lowest rank of bees, its heroine Flora 717 has hidden talents that set her apart from others in the hive. We watch Flora rise through the ranks while her hive faces numerous dangers, from human interlopers to wasp attacks - one of my favourite books of the past few years!

The Bees by Laline Paull

Golden Rosewood Solid Hand Cream Bar

Made in Scotland by the Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company, this solid hand cream bar (£9.95) is a perfect stocking filler. It’s formulated using only pure beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil, plus an essential oil blend containing rosewood, rosemary, frankincense, and jasmine. It’s also a beautiful plastic-free gift that won’t take up your liquid allowance when flying!

Golden Rosewood plastic-free solid hand cream bar

Ten Poems about Bees

These ‘Instead of a Card’ poetry pamphlets from Candlestick Press (£5.95) make perfect gifts – unusual, beautiful, and definitely not for throwing away. They come with an envelope and bookmark left blank for your message.

Bees work hard, and there is something in their diligence that touches us. This heady mix of poems is sure to please anyone who delights in bees, flowers and gardens – or indeed the golden taste of honey!

Beehive Needle Felting Kit

This Beehive Needle Felting Kit (£18.95) from The Crafty Kit Company is made right here in East Linton! It’s a fantastic introduction to the wonderfully relaxing art of needle felting, with all the tools and materials inside that you’ll need to get started. Full colour instructions show you exactly how to create your own beehive, complete with busy bees - plus you can also watch a video guide here

Beehive Needle Felting Kit from The Crafty Kit Company

Bee Mix Seedball Tin

These seed balls (£6.50) contain a mix of native wildflowers that bees will just love! This carefully selected mix is designed specifically to attract solitary bees, honey bees and bumblebees. Each seed ball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mix of Birdsfoot Trefoil, Foxglove, Red Clover, Viper’s Bugloss and Wild Marjoram – all recommended as bee-friendly plants by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 

Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect bee-themed gift bag to wrap up your presents, why not choose these beautiful fabric gift bags (£3.50-4.50) from Paper Mirchi? Made from 100% cotton fabric that is hand dyed by artisans in India, then screen printed in eye-catching gold ink, these gift bags can be treasured and reused again and again.

Bee pattern reusable gift bag

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