Fringe by the Sea Pre-Order - The Mushroom Guide & Identifier
Neville Kilkenny

Fringe by the Sea Pre-Order - The Mushroom Guide & Identifier

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Have a ticket for Neville Kilkenny's event at Fringe by the Sea? You can now pre-order a copy of his book The Mushroom Guide & Identifier: An expert manual for identifying, picking and using edible wild mushrooms found in the British Isles to collect when you attend!

Pre-order a copy of the book for collection from:

- our pop-up bookshop at the festival

- our stand at the author event, if you have a ticket for it

- or, if you would like to start reading in advance of the event, copies can also be collected from our bookshop in East Linton (open 11 am to 7 pm Thursday to Monday).

Please select 'local pick up' if you would like to collect your book in person, or alternatively please select a postal option and we'll ship your copy to you.

About the book:

A clear introduction explains everything a mushroom picker needs to know, followed by a fully-illustrated A–Z guide of the most popular edible wild mushrooms that grow in the British Isles. It is crucial that the most expert advice is taken when hunting for mushrooms, and this authoritative new handbook offers clear, practical information for accurate identification.

For each mushroom, the identifying features and typical habitats are described, along with storage and cooking tips. In addition the book presents and describes the poisonous and potentially deceptive species which the mushroom picker is most likely to come across.

"Foraging connects one to the natural environment, the changing seasons. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than going to look for mushrooms. The time disappears, as your burdens and anxieties slowly give way to exploring familiar habitats: perhaps a damp mossy birchwood shrouding its chanterelle treasure in the dappled light; or a pristine unimproved grassland grazed low by sheep and rabbits to an olive billiard baize ornamented with bright waxcaps. Responsible foragers understand the natural world and care for it. They have a part to play in protecting our environment as well as our ancient foraging culture." Neville Kilkenny

Hardback, 160 pages, with 350 colour photographs, published February 2024.